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Gut & Digestive Health

Looking after your gut is one of the most effective ways to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. Maria can help with management of IBS (including the low FODMAP plan), constipation and/or diarrhoea, coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis, crohns disease and more.

As Maria is registered with both CORU (CORU number:  DI019908) and the Irish Dietetic and Nutrition Institute (MINDI number: 1449) clients are entitled to partial reimbursement from health insurance companies based in Ireland. Appointment receipts can also be used to claim for health expense relief via the Med 1 tax form.

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Maria runs an online clinic via Zoom at present due to social distancing restrictions

Appointments are individualised for each client, and usually involve:

  • Assessment of relevant background information including medical history, current medications, recent blood tests, digestive function and lifestyle factors (e.g. physical activity, sleep & stress)

  • Full dietary analysis

  • Goal setting and motivational interviewing

  • Dietary education 

  • Personalised nutrition plan 

  • All assessments include email follow up with a summary of points discussed, resources to help you meet your nutritional goals, dietary analysis, meal planning guidance (if required) and a personalised nutrition plan.

Information About Maria Lucey RD's Clinic

Fees at the Clinic:

Initial appointments (45-minutes): €85

Follow up appointments (can last up to 30 minutes): €50 

Extensive Follow-up Package €165

Includes an Initial assessment+ 2 x 30-minute follow-up meetings (any additional follow up sessions after this will be charged at €40 for 30-minutes)

Package includes access to check-in messaging and support between appointments.


(20% discount for all ALONE Ireland volunteers with valid volunteer ID)

To see some frequently asked questions and answers relating to a telehealth dietetic consultation please click here.

You can email Maria to book an appointment at or use the online booking portal below.

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