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Maria has quickly become one of Ireland's leading and most trusted dietitians. She is a frequent and recognised expert contributor to various media outlets, including the Irish Examiner and Irish Times.

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Maria is a highly regarded Dietitian and a recognized authority in nutrition. She frequently contributes to the Irish Times, a premier media platform in Ireland, where she shares her insights and knowledge on health and wellness. Read here >

"Dietitian Maria Lucey has shared her advice to women going through menopause regarding their diet.

Speaking to Dr Mary Ryan on RSVP's podcast, Empowering Women, Maria said women need to keep an eye on their calcium and magnesium as they get older"  Listen here >


"An Irish dietitian has advised parents to be wary of what’s actually in PRIME drinks, which have people – including children – in a tailspin in Ireland and across the globe. Here’s what you need to know." Read here >

Healthy Ireland - Leading Course Facilitator

Maria is a highly sought-after public speaker and communicator. She is renowned for her exceptional ability to translate complex nutrition information into easy-to-understand, bite-sized portions. 


"Intuitive Eating is Instagram’s newest trend, currently sitting at over 1.4 million hashtags.

But what is intuitive eating? And more importantly, is there evidence behind this new trend? Registered dietitian Maria J Lucey is here to explain all!"

Read here >

"Should you feed a cold or starve a fever? A dietician on what we should eat when we feel sick
And why a glass of milk beats lemon water when you are under the weather"  
Read here >

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"Food and Mood with Maria Lucey is the third podcast episode from Connected by Nutricia. In this episode, Maria discusses the links between food and mood with Nutricia." Listen here >

Maria is a highly respected nutrition and food communications specialist who partners with top-tier companies to provide unparalleled nutrition education and wellness programs for their employees. Example here >

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"Joining me on today's show is Maria Lucey (@marialuceyrd) - a Registered Dietitian.

In this episode, we discuss all things related to food, from fad diets to emotional eating and why it is important that you are mindful at meal times. 

Everyone has their own challenges when it comes to their relationship with food (myself included), so have a listen - you never know what you might learn!" Listen here >

"Do collagen supplements live up to the hype, and will they transform my skin?
Supplements to promote more youthful skin may have their place — but experts suggest starting with a healthy diet"
Read here >


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