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2021 Detox with a twist

Your juice detox will only make you miserable, your colon cleanse may end with you in hospital and the only thing any form of a detox pill or supplement will be cleansing is a hole in your wallet!


Unfollow, mute and DELETE any one that tries to

(a) Sell you some form of a detox, cleansing pill or supplement

(b) Convince you that your body is "unpure" in some way after Christmas

(c) Makes you feel guilty or ashamed in any manner

Your body has very sophisticated mechanisms for detoxing itself (the liver, kidneys, gut, skin and lungs all play a role)

There are currently no rigorous human trials that support the idea of an effective detox diet or any products that are known to make your body's natural detoxifying pathways any more efficient.

Instead support your body by eating well and exercising in a way that feels good for you!

If you want to make some changes in 2021 start small and make some new sustainable health enhancing behaviour's - like eating more fruit and veg or adding in a ten minute walk each day. Don't fall victim to the "diet" and "detox" messages that we will no doubt be bombarded with over the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading,

Maria x

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