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I am passionate about looking after the older population in our communities in many ways, far beyond the role of nutrition.

Did you know:

Social isolation increases the risk of developing dementia


45% of people 75 and over are lonely "often" or "some of the time"


1 in 3 older people live on their own

I have been volunteering as part of ALONE's Support & Befriending service since 2017. The service provides companionship to older people who would like extra social contact through a weekly volunteer visit or telephone call.

I would encourage anyone with spare time to commit to a one hour per week befriending role to do so. It is a truly rewarding experience that can make a huge difference to someone's life. Please feel free to contact Maria if you are thinking about taking up a "befriending role" and/or have any questions.

ALONE's support and befriending service is for anyone who is over 60 and has limited social contact or feels particularly isolated and lonely.

If you know someone who would benefit from this service you can refer them here or if you are an older person yourself don't be shy and make a referral for yourself!

Eating Well in Later Life

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The natural ageing process can have quite an impact on our nutritional status. The majority of the elderly live independently and many struggle to prepare meals that contain all of the essential nutrients. Many may not realise that their nutritional status is impaired. This can lead to malnutrition and serious illness over time, hence the importance of proper nutrition in elderly care. 

My vision is a world where everyone has access to good nutrition information specific to older adults. I want the world to approach old age and end of life with knowledge, empowerment, and hope. 

See below for useful links to reliable nutrition information or click here to book an individual consultation.

Useful Resources

malnutrition task force.png

Malnutrition Task Force

Eating & drinking well in later life

Click here for more info & resources

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland 810 x 4

Alzheimers Society of Ireland

Find services and support in your county. Click here for more info.

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