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About Maria
Registered Dietitian in Ireland & Bermuda


Education & Experience

Maria graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics from Trinity College Dublin in 2016. Maria has a passion for family health nutrition and has completed additional qualifications in the areas of fertility and prenatal nutrition amongst others. Maria is passionate about spreading reliable nutrition information to the public and has a strong media presence with features in the Irish Times, Irish Examiner and RSVP magazine. She also regularly provides interviews for local radio stations.   

Maria has worked within acute hospitals, the community and private practice accumulating a wide range of clinical experience. Areas of experience include fertility and prenatal nutrition, paediatrics, healthy eating, gut health, nutrition support, care of the elderly, weight management, eating disorders, heart disease, neurological conditions, cancer, kidney disease and more.

In 2016 Maria completed an obesity research internship at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. Maria's experience working with people undergoing bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, eating disorders & disordered eating resulted in a passion for helping others rebuild a positive relationship with food & to regain control over their lives.

In 2018 Maria travelled to Kisiizi hospital in Uganda as a volunteer with CHEEERS an Irish non-profit, professional volunteer organisation. During Maria's time in Uganda, she utilised her dietetic skills to train hospital staff on the importance of nutrition for wound healing, nutrition and diabetes and how to screen children for malnutrition.


Maria is also trained in the use of the low FODMAP diet for the management of IBS and has a keen interest in all things related to gut health.


Maria has extensive experience working in the care of the elderly and is an active volunteer and ambassador for ALONE Ireland, a national charity that highlights the issues facing older people living alone.

Additional Training: Maria has completed additional courses such as:


Development of a Nutrition Support Pathway during the Covid19 pandemic that gained official support from IRSPEN the Irish Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

Medical Affairs Lead on the development of the Nutricia Care App the first digital innovation of its kind in Ireland supporting nursing home residents and their nutritional needs.



Family, Interests & Hobbies


I grew up in a town called Macroom in Co. Cork with three brothers, one sister and a very patient mom and dad!

I played football for the Cork Ladies football team from the age of under 12 to under 21's. During my time playing football I was lucky to gain a lot of friendships, amazing memories, a few all-Ireland medals... but most importantly a passion for all things nutrition and fitness! I was fascinated by the relationship between nutrition and its impact on our performance in sport. It led me to my career in dietetics today.

I love all things related to food, hence why I studied it for four years. I enjoy cooking, baking and most of all eating! 

My love for fitness and sport is still with me. I am currently training for my first calisthenics competition this year (calisthenics is a form of physical training focused on mastering your own body-weight). If you want to keep up with my progress (which currently involves lots of falling on my head... but I'm getting there) as I learn how to handstand, back-lever, human-flag, muscle-up and more, be sure to follow on Instagram and check out The Irish Calisthenics Academy here.

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